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Where Do We Go From Here?


CCSPA wants to expand in the next 3 years to a brick and mortar location so that we can through the Bread of Life Outreach operate a food pantry!

Where Do We Go From Here?


CCSPA's vision includes a solid referral system connecting CCSPA with local services throughout the region. Those who are disenfranchised, discouraged and hopeless receive the necessary help!

Display Real Testimonials


Are your customers raving about you on social media? Share their great stories to help turn potential customers into loyal ones. At the Kwanzaa Children's Festival one young lady stated, " I really learned  a lot about the African American culture."

Promoting Members In the Community


Hip hop Artist like Keith Stafford, Psychotherapist like Marie Green (Confidentialistener), Paul Jones of the Bridging The Divide Initiative, Deborah Kelley - Author of books and Educator, Speaker. The Afro Cultural Preservation Council headed by Malika Parker.

BIG NEW - CCSPA 3 Years Old


CCSPA plans to boldly go where we have not gone before! Our determination is to bring the power and influence of the faith-based spiritual community to the Philadelphia-Camden-Wilmington MSA. 2019 we are initiating a Change Management Program that moves us from start-up to a more permanent operation. We want to reach especially the children in our community

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CCSPA in its first 3 years has raised over $15,000.00 that has been used to promote our mission in the community. Over the next 3 years we want to average raising more than that each year, purchase a van that expands our ability to aide in the feeding of those in need of food and go to even further in bringing people closer to stability and out of poverty. That added to a closer walk with God!!