Kwanzaa Children's Festival 2016 and 2017

Kwanzaa Children's Festival 2016 - Awesome


CCSPA worked with our partners the Afro Culture Preservation Council and Developing Excellence in the planning and execution of the program and children's activities at the event.

Kwanzaa - A Variety of Program Activities


Drummers, Singers, Poets and educators spoke to an audience of about 250 at the Cecil B Moore Recreation Center 2551 N 22nd Street, Philadelphia, PA. There was art, prizes, afro-centric games and key education moments that explained and celebrated the African and African American culture..

Kwanzaa 2016 - Yes CCSPA Provided Support


CCSPA provided volunteer support for the Kwanzaa children's Festival and gave a small donation to assist in the event. Also Thaddeus S. Taylor, Sr. spoke to the group as a representative of the Elders. In 2016 the message was of love and anti-violence in our communities. 

Kwanzaa Children's Festival 2017 - Higher Heights and Greater Celebration of Culture


2017 Bigger, Brighter and Grander Celebration! Approximately 300 people attended, mainly children. Cecil B Recreation Center was buzzing with excitement. If 2016 was awesome, 2017 was spectacular! The entire recreation center was opened and 2 rooms were used for both the Kwanzaa program and Kwanzaa Children's Activities. It was both exciting and enlightening as it spoke to the culture and backgrounds of African Americans.

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Hip Hop Dance Champions

Kevin The Clown

Mystic Magic Man

Stilt Walkers

Imhotep Drummers

Universal African Dance Ensemble

Developing Excellence - Naya *Bro

Jazz Continum

Face Painting


Afro Cultural Preservation Council

Developing Excellence

Others are to commended on the planning,  execution and show. The community was served and served well! 

Once Again Celebration Christian Services Provided Support


People came and the support from CCSPA and other groups made this an exceptional event. 

In 2018, CCSPA is planning to take an more active role and move into the area of sponsorship. Please pray for us as we move in that direction!

Seven Principles of Kwanzaa



Collective Work and Responsibility

Cooperative Economics