About Us - Outreach Programs

Bread of Life Outreach Delaware Valley

Bread of Life Outreach is a ministry of Celebration Christian  Services that reaches on a weekly basis several non-profit social services, most of which are faith based. This is a partnership with Panera Bread locations at both Wynnewood, PA and 12th and Arch Street downtown Philadelphia, that services: The Philadelphia Brotherhood Mission (Men's Homeless Shelter), Surge Recovery House (People recovering from addictions), The Salvation Army of West Philadelphia Community Center, Station House 7 sites Soup Kitchens and Why Not Prosper (Shelter for Women). We are looking to expand the partnership to include (WAWA, Red Lobster and others) as well as to recipients that have agreed to coordinate food deliveries once we have a permanent location.

Excitement In CCSPA's Fight Against Poverty

With your help we want to expand to fortify and become a member of Philabundance and other organizations that feed those in need of food and assistance. We average giving bread and pastries to roughly 175 to 200 people per week. That number can potentially reach over 500 per week or more. Jesus said, "When I was hungry, you fed me!. When you do that to the least of these my little ones you have done it for me!"

You Too Can Help!!!

If you are interested, we need drivers to make these deliveries. CCSPA is praying for a serviceable van for deliveries.

If you have any means to donate: The cost of gasoline, paying to park downtown where pickups are made @ Panera Bread, 12th and Arch Street, Philadelphia. Whatever you do, please pray for us to successfully continue and grow the Bread of Life Outreach!! We assist organizations to feed approximtely 500 to 650 people per week.