Celebration Christian Services - At Your Service!

Event Planning


CCSPA has planned and/or assisted in the planning of a variety of events throughout the Philadelphia-Camden-Wilmington area:

Financial Literacy - Morton Elementary School - Philadelphia, PA

Credit Training - LaSalle University, Philadelphia, PA

Health and Wellness Community Fair - Camden, NJ

Inner Cities For Christ Outreach, City Hall Philadelphia and City Hall Camden, Month of September Annually

Kwanzaa Children's Festival 2016, and 2017 - Philadelphia, PA

Pottstown CommUNITY Fair - Pottstown, PA

Bread of Life Outreach - CCSPA


CCSPA has established a relationship with The Connect Family Center and Panera Bread to provide local agencies with bread and pastries several times per month. The organizations being served are:

Why Not prosper Ministries - Shelters for families in need

The Brotherhood Mission - Homeless Shelter for men.

Surge Recovery House - People trapped trying to recover from addictions

The Panera Bread locations are in Wynnewood, PA and @ 12th and Arch Streets, Philadelphia, PA 

Financial Literacy and Education


Financial literacy is the possession of knowledge and understanding of financial matters. Financial literacy often entails the knowledge that leads to people making sound decisons to certain personal areas such as the purchase and sale of real estate, insurance, savings, investing, tax planning, retirement planning, the purchase and use of credit cards, purchasing an automobile or other personal assets.

It includes understanding the value of credit and a healthy credit report, the rights of a consumer and the time value of money.

CCSPA's Financial Literacy and Education Program covers all ages from Kindergarten through to senior adults. Classes are tailored to meet every need and for you to gain valuable knowledge as a consumer.

CCSPA Eldercare and Healthcare Initiative


CCSPA has partnered with local healthcare providers such as Camden County Health, American Heart and Stroke Association and the Student National Medical Association (SNMA), Penn State College of Medicine Chapter to increase the number of minorities and eliminate healthcare disparities in our local communities. This includes healthcare screenings outreach to the senior citizens and teachings to help mitigate elder abuse.

Classes, Seminars and Conferences


CCSPA sponsors and promotes a group of classes, seminar sand workshops to meet the needs of people in the community.

Stress Management Workshops, Marie Green, LPC, ACS Christian Psychotherapist of Confidentialistener

Elderly Abuse Prevention Classes and Knowing Medicare classes taught by Valerie Shoemaker

Financial Literacy and Education, Small Business Development and Church Development Workshops taught by Re. Thaddeus S. Taylor, Sr.

Social Services Referral Network

Clothing Give-away at a CCSPA local fair

Celebration Christian Services is part of the nonprofit support network of Montgomery County. This is part of CCSPA Antipoverty Indirect Services. CCSPA understands the need to partner with like-minded social services agencies in the Delaware Valley.. The goal is to unite and refer people in need to our partners who are able to assist. In like manner when CCSPA is the direct provider, we receive referrals from our partners as well.  Our relationships with shelters, our bread of Life Outreach and other activities of our volunteer network make all of this possible.