Pottstown CommUNITY Fair - Let's Grow Together! July 15 2018

Pottstown Human Relations Commission - Sponsor



•Community – a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.

•Community – A unified body of individuals working in harmony with the purpose of achieving common goals “together”.

•It is this driving principle and purpose that makes this a community fair. This is a multicultural community coming together.

The Pottstown Human Relations Commission is a nonpartisan group of seven people appointed by borough Council that serves to improve the quality of human relations within the Borough of Pottstown. It holds multicultural events, provides mediation and referral services as well as promote mutual understanding, respect and cooperation among all racial, cultural, ethnic and other groups within the borough of Pottstown.


The Pottstown Tri-County Area is A TEAM!

It's about unity in the community! Everybody shares, grows & works together,! Age, race, no matter!

Let's Grow Together is about the Tri-County, Pottstown area developing as a team! We respect each other , our city, government and people no matter who they are, where they are or where they come from in terms of national origins. This is a multi-cultural community holding fast the creeds of our founding fathers of LIFE, LIBERTY & THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS!

Celebration Christian Services of PA - Event Planner


CCSPA is acting as the event planner. We are working with PHRC to provide healthcare services and screenings, vendors, games, activities, music, speakers, entertainers, food and beverages, displays and other community and social services. We will work to engage government, schools, businesses, banks, local entrepreneurs from the entire tri-county region. Some participants include Montgomery County Health and Human Services (Community Connections), Montgomery County Community College, Teen Challenge of Philadelphia, Penn State School of Medicine, Gamma Phi delta Sorority, Rapping About Prevention (Rap Artist), American Heart and Stroke Association, J&J Roses from Boyertown (Toys, Novelty Items and Car Show) and others.

Mission and Purpose of the CommUNITY Fair

 Our mission and purpose extricate supportive services, and resources with a centralized focus on the Low-to-Moderate Pottstown communities. These areas have a high concentration of low to moderate income families with children At-Risk. The location will be placed in areas where not many services, focus and community based activities. The theme recommended is: Pottstown CommUNITY Fair with a central mission to promote Unity of all segments of the Pottstown Borough 

Share the News, Save the Date

Change due to rain from June 10th to July 15, 2018 from 12 noon to 5 pm

Downtown Pottstown, PA

The outreach is to the entire tri-county area. That includes all of the neighboring towns and borough. 

Save the date and plan to bring the entire family!!

Location on High Street between Hanover and York Streets


For further questions, please call CCSPA or Thaddeus S. Taylor, Sr @ 215-756-6542 or 856-438-6222, email at celebrationchristianpa@gmail.com or Marcia Levengood of PHRC at 610-996-2703 or email at marcialevengood@gmail.com


Files coming soon.